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Aging is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength.”

  Betty Friedan


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Age is Stage

One of most fascinating thing in life is the age. Age measures and monitors our life. Just keep age out of the purview of life, the perspective changes and changes totally. It is difficult to imagine life without age. The journey of life schedule would have been out of schedule without age. It sounds strange. In fact strange are the ways of life. The stage place a perfect platform to display our different ways of life. We all take up roles to act at a different age and stage of life. This can be best depicted through the coinage SAS i.e. Stage and Age Syndrome.  It is a syndrome because we all behave and act in certain fashion at a particular age and a particular stage.

Aging is inevitable and staging is predictable. Nothing can stop us from aging but we can all predict at what age what we need to stage. Childhood, adulthood, marriage, family, occupation, profession, retirement, attainment are stages of life which comes with the aging of life. Staging is directly correlated with aging. It is at these stages that we enact our different roles. The role of a son or daughter, father or mother, brother or sister, employer or employee, boss or subordinate, we may play a few role or may play all the roles depending on the destiny or work which ever you belief.

Age of human being is a function of the planet. Our age would not be same if we were in other planets. The revolution of the earth planet around the sun takes 365 days and this forms the basis of a year and the unit of year is used in calculating our age. Age is relative to a planet. If your age is 50 years on earth, it would have been just around 4 years in Jupiter and 1.7 years in Saturn and 200 plus years in Mercury. Isn’t it fascinating to know that applying the same yardstick we would have been at different stage of our life in other planets? Planets have an influence on our life through our birth planet is established through science of astrology.

Stage is Age, Age is Stage, Creativity, Writing, Creative Writing, Writing, Creativity, Photography, Philosophy, Digital, Literature

Stage is Age

Life expectancy of human beings is relative to the period of evolution of time. Human beings life expectancy has increased over the history of human existence. It was been hovering around 30-40 years few centuries back, has graduated to the 60-80 years today. It has doubled over century. Life spans of living organisms are not same. Life spans of flies are in days. Human beings life span has been established to be a maximum of 120 years, though the normally accepted age of living is 100 years. As it is a function of many factors, namely environment we live, the heredity we inherent, the food we eat and the lifestyle we lead. It is also fairly established that lifestyle contributes to almost 50% towards expanding the longevity of life.

A discipline lifestyle has a direct impact on our age. The discipline lifestyle comes from the role we play and how we play those roles in different stages of our life. As adult we question the behavior of child, we attempt to control their actions. Guiding is advisable as it is different from controlling. But controlling is restrictive in nature. When we look back, we also have acted the same you but we question their actions. At that age and stage of life we all do the same thing. Perhaps the extent and the exactness vary.

Maturity graduates with age. Our thinking, feeling and living pattern changes with age and also with the stage we are in. If the stage is poverty of thinking and living is one pattern, if the stage is prosperity of thinking and living is another pattern. If we are employed our thinking and living follows one pattern, if we are unemployed our thinking and living follow another pattern, if we are married our feeling and living follows one pattern and if we are unmarried our feeling and living follows one pattern. Yes, the stage raises or erases our certain feeling and enables or curtails our thinking based on the age we are in.

Age states us to play certain role on the world’s stage. On the world stage we become real actors and acting roles are wide ranging from artists to a businessman to a sportsman to a politician to a doctor to an architect. Certain roles are better embraced and discharged at a certain age, and certain roles are independent of age. Sports person plays his role best at the young age; an artist can come out with his masterpiece at any age. Age and stage are the rhyme and reason of our existence and journey of our life which is enigmatically fascinating stages of those ages.