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Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”

Albert Einstein

“It is in literature that the concrete outlook of humanity receives its expression”

Alfred North Whitehead


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Look is Relative

Personality is the power in our presence and in our projection. Look makes great difference in our personality. But personality is not all about look. Look is generally about the physical presence. But what about the mental presence, it has its part to play in defining our personality. In fact mental presence is all about our outlook. Look without outlook is like style without substance.  Look is about how we carry ourselves plus how we see things around us. Outlook is about how we understand things and how we engage with others. Look and outlook is two side of the same coin. Look makes convention but outlook breaks us from the convention. Conviction comes with outlook. Look without confidence is a brittle personality. Conviction creates confidence. We garner our conviction and gain confidence with our strong outlook.

We all invest significant time in building our look. And why not, we should. It adds and it aides in achieving our aspiration. After all ‘aspiration’ is vital to our existence, vitalizing our outlook. Outlook and aspiration are intrinsically linked. Higher aspiration changes our outlook and better outlook changes our aspiration. Aspiring to be an actor we work on our look. Each aspect and every facet of our look matters. The hair needs care and the care comes with cut. Cut cannot be in the hands of the hair cutter without an outlook on the critically of the look. The face needs cream it is cracking. The eyebrows need tweaking, it is distorting and distracting. Eye for detail is essential in building our look.  Look can take so far and not further. We need outlook.

Our outlook on life defines our destiny and not providence. Journey towards destiny is redefined through our changing outlook. What we read and how we listen. The book we are reading and the last book we read makes our intellectual statement. We read book on personality, we read book on spirituality, we read book on career development, we read book on mythology and we read book management. The variety is vast and with it brings the inherent versatility.

Look & Outlook,  Creativity, Writing, Creative Writing, Writing, Creativity, Photography, Philosophy, Digital, Literature

Outlook is Absolute

Like every person is unique, each book has its own personality and an inimitable manifestation. Firstly the way it conceived by the writer and secondly the way it is perceived by the reader. Books are the best source of building our outlook.  Although books are the best but are not the only sources of harnessing our outlook. What we talk and with whom we interact. Our friend circle outside office constructs our outlook and our colleagues inside office do cultivate our outlook. What movie we watch and what sports we love. Each plays its part in putting our outlook in place.

Other’s look makes us feel envious if they are better and makes us feel elevated if we are better. It is not always about our look. It is also about others. Look is relative. Outlook is absolute. Look is perceived and outlook is personified. Colour of the skin screens our look.  Black looks at white differently and white looks at black differently than they do so for the same colour. But if we look at it dispassionately it is just pigmentation of our skin. Figure of our body fiddles our outlook. Fatness limits our span of appreciation and short stature has a dragging affect on the tallness of our personality. Perfect figure is not perfection of personality. We need to figure out our outlook to firm our perfection.

Other’s inspiring outlook influences us. We get governed by their influences. We change our outlook. Inspirations are formed out of outlook, so are outlook influenced by inspiration. We all have somebody to look at; for some it’s their parent, for some it is their teacher, for some it is their successfully icon as a movie star to a sports star and for others it is their spiritual guru. Each of them inspires us and their act of conduct influences our outlook. Normally, we do not change to who we look at unless there is a dramatic change in what we have seen in them. But generally our outlook changes with stage and with age.

Look evolves gradually but outlook can have a revolutionary affect. Outlook can change the society and the nation. Revolution is born out of struggle. Freedom struggle looks at freeing from repression and moving away from oppression. Collective outlook fructifies revolution. Leaders have changed our course of history, along with solid outlook it is their subtle look that has influenced the mass following. Followers are the power behind the leader. Like everything else the look and the outlook determines the destiny of a leader.

We cannot overlook our outlook in the overdrive of overcoming the limitation of our look. Look and outlook are the yin-yang of our personality…one defines our physical expression and the other describes our mental manifestation.