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Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact…”

 – William James

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Flying Thoughts Skying

Religion is a set of belief system but all belief system is not religious. Is religion a type of philosophy or philosophy is a religious activity.  Are religion and theism the same activity? Similarly religion and spirituality has been debated and borne distinctions. Religion is a more public manifestations and spirituality is more private interpretation of life. Belief cannot be isolated from religion, spirituality, mythology, philosophy, theism, animism or for that matter superstition. Animism is the belief that everything in nature has its own spirit or divinity. A superstition is a belief that is not based on logic or reason. People belief in superstitions because they just want to believe it, there is no rational. For instance black cat crossing your path is considered unlucky. Interestingly, belief in superstitions may affect your luck but certainly will influence you look and outlook on life and living.

Belief is the fundamental source of inspiration for transformation in humanity. Everything cannot be judged through the rational or scientific lens.  Hence a belief becomes the support for relief. In fact every scientific invention or a historical discovery is rooted in a strong individual or a collective belief. The belief that man can fly in the sky led to the invention of aircraft. The belief that man can talk to each other being at a distant place led to the invention of mobile phones. The belief that there are place other the earth led to the discovery of other planets in our galaxy. The belief that the things mentioned in our history has truth and a root led to the discovery of many buried civilizations.

The degree of belief one individual has on oneself leads to the extent of success, happiness, achievement and accomplishments. In many cases most aspects remaining similar between two individual, one has far better success and happiness than the other. We are riddled with complex questions. Is it higher intellectualism or is it emotional management or is it greater imagination or better self-organization. As we don’t discovery any perceptible facets to define the differences. Generally, we attribute it to one’s destiny; perhaps it is an easy path or an escapist route. But the fact remains that it is the extent of one’s belief that determines the degree of higher order result.

Belief for Relief,  Creativity, Writing, Creative Writing, Writing, Creativity, Photography, Philosophy, Digital, Literature

Bunch of Flying Ideas


Trouble is an integral part of our life, any belief that life is trouble free is a true myth. Trouble comes with its own style and structure. The magnitude and frequency of appearance of trouble is neither fixed nor known. But as and when it comes, we need to face it. That’s reality. Some faces it better than other, and they do so because they are better prepared to do so. And the preparation is rooted in the self-belief. The belief that trouble or problems in life are provisional makes huge difference.  It is only our strength of belief that brings us out of trouble, our energy and thoughts gets properly mobilized and rightfully channelized to confront and combat the problems.

Religious beliefs are a significant aspect of our life. Our thoughts are generally governed by the religion we are bonded to, though we are also largely influenced by other multiple things surrounding us. We have many religions and spread of spirituality with its diverse dimension directing our thoughts and defining our feelings and providing relief to our emotions. Each religion has its own god, goddess, deity and a set of principles that guides the way of their living. These principles are created by out of an individual or collective belief of those representative groups of humanity. Christianity’s belief is encapsulated in the Bible, Hinduism belief is encapsulated in the Gita and Islam’s belief is captured in the Quran, and so are others in different forms of book.

Belief gets manifested though symbols, stories, arts, crafts, music, painting to photography. The symbol of love is manifested though Taj Mahal to the symbol of freedom is manifested through Statute of Liberty to the symbol of mystery is manifested through Pyramids. The pyramid has been known from ancient times as a powerful design that connects to energy forces and its shape is identified with healing qualities.Mediating under a pyramid-shaped structure can help an individual to reach a state of consciousness that can assist in self-healing. Initially it was just a belief and later “power of pyramid” was discovered as a truth. When we have no reason to rhyme and no answer to quest our query we take the recourse to belief and wither our doubts.

It is the ‘ultimate belief’ that gives us the ‘universal relief’. Without the relief of mind, our thinking and behavior continues to be disturbed and our actions are detrimental and destructive to our surrounding and society. Mankind needs the harnessing power of belief to continuously relief itself from the complexity of life.

Belief comes from expanding our imagination and extending our inspiration. Our meaningful engagement and active interaction creates the platform for flourishing our imagination and inspiration. When you analyze an Olympian or a President, how they become what they are. Yes, they are capable and have the ambition, so are many, why then them only. Belief that you can become a Olympic champion, belief that you can become the President of the country, belief that you can top your exam, belief that you can drive a car, belief that you can swim, belief that you can walk the talk builds in you the capacity and capability to achieve in what you belief in.

Belief is the essence of the bedrock of our existence. Life draws its lessons from the outcomes of beliefs and how individual beliefs have radically transformed countries and societies. We obtain relief from different issues and solutions to many of our problems through our belief system.

Belief is a state of mind developed by us but influenced by others. It needs better control for effective management of self and surrounding. Belief can become a magical source for our relief from pain and resource for our gain. Belief for relief…