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All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking
― Friedrich Nietzsche 

Walking, Philosophy & Writing,  Creativity, Writing, Creative Writing, Philosophy , Walking is Wonderful

Walkway for Walker

Have we ever reflected on the positiveness and the power of walking? Perhaps, seriously not… Yes, we explore into a whole new world when we go for a walk.

Walking is a self discovery, it’s an exploration, it’s a reflection and it’s a philosophy by itself.

Every step of we take makes us realize the grip on the mother earth; the deep breath comes with it the subtle engagement with the atmosphere. We feel the pulse of nature. Touching the random plant and whisking the sleeping pebbles, we embrace the bounty of nature. We play and care with environment and start nurturing like our own family member.

Walking activates the vessels and the muscles in our body.

As we start walking, initially the mind mind’s the thought of the distance to cover. The body needs the push. Body plays the game, trying to pull back the mind in moving forward. After all it’s the mind game. Suddenly with the whiff of breeze, the thought of deriving the solace at the end of walking journey, triggers the body to full activation.  With every passing inch of coverage of the defined distance, mind and body converge towards conquering the divergent goal.

The goal is to energize the body and tranquil the mind, the paradox of life. We have to balance the good and the bad, the strong and the weak, the hot and the cold, and the dream and the reality.

Does it only serve the biological need or does walking create a sociological bonding. Of course it does. There are parks and there are walkways and there are pathways. There are walkers in the morning and there are walkers in the evening. Though there is a preference by walkers for one of the time zone. But this preference undergoes a change with the changing season. Winter it’s the sunset and summer goes with the sunrise. Places are explored and walkway gets selected based on the suitability of the place to walk and space to free oneself.

The distance to cover is locked and time to walk is clocked.

Unless there is somebody new to give companionship, the clock gets unlocked. We discovery more energy and cover more miles then we otherwise feel capable of, mind doesn’t give the scope for the body to talk. Mind is intensely engaged in the discourse with the company.

Companionship is all pervasive.

It explores the social dimension. We face the regular walker and periodically encounter unfamiliar faces. Over a period of time, we start exchanging a gentle nod or a subtle simile with few and there are others who refuse to change their facial expression. They perhaps pretend or are genuinely serious in the business of walking. They ignore or are immune to the distractions on their way. Those new faces come to experience the nature and they look at the serious walker and admire their energy.

Walking, Philosophy & Writing,  Creativity, Writing, Creative Writing, Philosophy , Walking is Wonderful

Walking in Beach

Walking on the sea beach overwhelming awes us with its vastness. Walking in a forest engulfs us with the bounty of the nature. Walking in a park, places us amidst the set of people with one common interest of exercising in the openness. Walking in the wilderness is like wondering in the wonderland. Walking in the river bank is like swimming in the fresh air.

Walking is the best equalizer.

The walking can be anywhere and the result remains the same. The exploration and the reflection becomes the constant companion.

Walking is intrinsically curative in nature. The brisk steps of the leg and the rhythmic movement of body with the calming and composed mind, makes the process therapeutic. If you are depressed, go for a walk and depression dissipates. If you are overweight, undergo regular walk and give a walk over to the weight. If you are tensed, go for a silent walk and it soothes you. If you are frustrated, free yourself from the froth with a freewheeling walk. It is multi- tasking.

The physiological transformation, the psychological disposition and philosophical conversion makes the process of walking simply holistic.

Walking, Philosophy & Writing,  Creativity, Writing, Creative Writing, Philosophy , Walking is Wonderful

Walkway in Forest

Walking collectively connects with all our senses. It ignites the sensorium. We touch the leaves here, the flower there. We smell the scent emanating and scan the variegated spread of colorful garden. We literally taste the purity and freshness of the nature. Walking is the harbinger of cheerfulness.

Unfortunately with all its encompassing power, it doesn’t have a recorded history. Though with the first step, every child creates a history for the mankind. Though with the walking we map a location and conjure up multiple images and multifaceted metaphors of new places. Walking is a world within itself. We carry it wherever we go and the world within remains the same, only the surrounding changes.

Walking acts an idea box.

We suddenly start generating new ideas and it gets germinated during the journey of the walk. Mind gets uncluttered. Mind becomes a visualizer. We establish a pure connection with the surrounding. We observe more minutely. We dissect things more clinically. We digest inputs intuitively to interpret newer insights. We become artistic. Language becomes more poetic and we get drawn to music and silently start humming the romantic songs to ourselves.

Walking drives us towards searching our soul to sensing our life and living. It is simply re-defining…with every venture into walking.