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“The real war is not between the West and the East. The real war is between intelligent and stupid people.”

Marjane Satrapi

East & West

Divide is the Fluid Drawn

Do we not have a right to vision anew a dynamic force harmonizing between nature and culture, between the self with the other, which will obliterate this wretchedness, and halt this type of blowing? Prudently speaking the West imperatively needs to extricate out of its political-economic and military self to find it in the other, in a universalism of participation and harmony in diversity. Unless the West’s personality embraces this diverse and universal whole, it will be no more than a chasm.

Eastern cultures such as India and China did develop a more intense knowledge of consciousness of the internal world, just as Western cultures that of Europe and America developed a greater consciousness of the external world. Westerners need not feel culturally disparaged by benefiting from the wisdom of India. Similarly, Easterners need not feel debased by taking on the benefits of technology from America. Just as the people of Asia must adapt the occidental science of technology to their own environment, so must those in America & Europe must adapt this oriental mysticism of consciousness to their own lives. It is a concern of human growth, not of the advancement of categorical geographical regions.

Ancient Arab poets placed emphasis not on the geographic framework of the homeland but on its human essence; the homeland is the place that fosters honour… in the words of al-Mutanabbi… in modern terms it is the place in which man is able to live in dignity and freedom. If we add to this a word attributed to the Iman Ali, the fourth Caliph in which he says: “No country is more deserving of you than another. The best of lands is that which has borne you well,” we find that the essential question with respect to affiliation involves not geographic boundaries but rather human values.

All the world is one family,” is a great statement from the Vedic tradition, which tradition therefore belongs to all of us. The challenge today is to create a global culture.  Both need to come together for a healthy co-existence, as a global culture through an initial process of Oriental osmosis of the Occidental and the cyclic process of osmosis should continue.So, what is this osmosis process all about…. It’s a dynamic state of equilibrium between mysticism & science. Why oriental osmosis of the occidental? At the current juncture, the West need to acknowledge that East does have a point of view and that the flow of knowledge from east to west could also help in a Western awakening.  Science deals with the exploration of the outer world and Mysticism deals with the exploration of the inner world. Metaphorically the two routes can be referred to as “atomic view of reality” and the “atmik view of reality”. Traditionally the West has focused its attention on the reality ‘out there’, hence has made many strides in development of science and technology through the experimental route thereby contributing to material progress. And the East has focused on the ‘search within’ through the experiential route and hence has made significant contributions to spiritual development.

Humanity now divided into ‘East’ and ‘West’ probably arose from one source in the distant past. The memory of confluence got erased for many reasons. At present, after a hiatus of 2000 years the East and West are once again meeting in conflict.  Nevertheless, it’s a convergence of Western science and Eastern mysticism. In the process, taking science beyond its narrow boundaries to the no-boundary condition of mysticism and bringing mysticism to the bounded boundary of science. We hope this meeting would be memorably distinctive and distinctively memorable in the future.

East and West are just the two sides of the same coin of human development as a whole and a wholesome co-existence can only bring semblance of orderliness to the dynamic state of equilibrium between the East and the West.


-the end-