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“By means of water, we give life to everything.”


Elixir of Life

Elixir of Life

The mindless flashy development, in the twin city, is disconcerting the fragile ecosystem,andthe pump culture has wrought havoc on thehydrological cycle. Developers have been ruthlessly barging into the bastion of nature, giving a trifle meaning to the catchment and re-charge areas… indiscriminate afforestation to extensive drilling of tubewells have contributed to the depletion of ground water.  So much of urbanization, not much ground left for percolation of water…the availability. And so much of industrialization, left the surface water polluted…the quality.

We came to live with nature but we have been eroding nature, its time we start giving back to nature. Nowhere was “Community Control” more needed than in management of groundwater resources. Catchword is “Catch the Catchment”.  The need is to have a scientifically designed local management of water for harvesting of rainwater to treatment of used water.

Technologies and Methods are available today whereby the agriculture sector should cut its water needs by 10 to 50%, industries by 40 to 50% and cities by 30 to 35% without any sacrifice of economic output or quality of life. It is estimated that 80% of the water used up is let out as sewage…out of 160 mgd used by the twin city, 124 mgd flow back as sewage.

Organizations have developed instant low cost drain water filter, and water recycling plant for reusing waste water in houses, hostels to hospitals can be installed in little space at ground level. Incidentally,Matsushita Electric Company of Japan has developed an interesting toilet system; that will automatically clean the toilet and make it more hygiene. It also takes the weight, calculates body’s fat, checks the sugar in urine, and finally recycles all the waste water from the bathroom and washbasin, and it’s made reusable.

Make no mistake, water crisis is clear, present and danger, the future is frightening … imperatively it needs the interplay of management of “Recharging of Fresh Water” and technologies for “Recycling of Waste Water”, to salvage the lost semblance of harmony with nature. Enabling the inhabitants of twin city to “Nurture the diversities of the Nature”…to swim millions of helpless souls like me out of troubled water.  

 -the end-

“An over-indulgence of anything, even something as pure as water, can intoxicate.” 
― Criss Jami