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 “Water is the driving force in nature.”
Leonardo da Vinci

Shell Shocked without Water

Shell Shocked without Water

It was fourth day; still no water supply…stored water was exhausted, plausibly neighbours were disinclined to part with a bucket. Not possible, I had to request a close ally and managed to transport a barrel of water. Cooking in home was totally ruled out, it was afternoon…famished, frantically wanted to have a decent lunch. I was back with the lunch pack, packaged water and “The Economist” magazine. I wanted to beat the afternoon sweltering heat, but no water to fill the water cooler. No chance of taking a shower to cool the body.

With the first grub of the food stuff, and the uncharacteristic habit of glancing from the back of the magazine I could see… “Do we need Nature?” was conspicuous with its reinforced scarlet background. Axiomatically, the question that cropped up in my cerebral firmament is; “What is Nature?”… as per Hindu mythology the five fundamental elements of nature are Prithvi (earth), Vayu (air), Jal (water), Agni (fire) and Aakash (space).  The land has never been a glitch; air has been relatively pollution free, fire is under control; space is in abundance, the flora and fauna are moderately smartening the pockets of city landscape. Only source to my house from the Municipal Water Supply…the Manjira reservoir, the Himayatsagar reservoir, are all getting dry; the water supply department is helpless. Life has come to a grinding halt…for me nature was instantly synonymous with water. “Do we need Nature?”…It was like asking me “Do we need Water?”

Inhabitants wake up till late in the night. For what, is the big question; is it to watch late night movies, or to burn their midnight oil for exams, or to catch up with backlog work… Conceivably, these are some of the apparent possibilities that customarily propped up in my mind. In the daytime, the activities in the house, gets controlled and curtailed. Not that the head of the family is stern, or stuck by a budgetary constraint, or time has suddenly become a little more precious. So, what is it that has been instrumental in governing their activities?

Outside the confinement of the bounded walls, serpentine queue that gets prolonged with the passage of time stretching from the counter point, to the periphery of the streets. Instantly, the thought took me into the world of movies, is this, an advance booking for the new blockbuster? … it’s really  not a tricky proposition to fathom.