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“Style is to forget all styles.”– Jules Renard
“Writing is the painting of the voice!”– Voltaire


What Writing is Right

Beauty in Writing

As you start writing to be a writer, the big question that rattles the mind of a budding writer is what style to adopt. Yes you are right; the word is “style” in writing. Like in any other profession the writers also get characterized by the style they espouse…just like the leadership style, speaking style, teaching style to playing style. These styles come with the preference of one form of style over the other. Just to emphasize, it is preference not performance.

So, no judgment is delivered on any particular style. Each style has its own flavour and set of followers. The critical question is whether the writer consciously develops a style or the writer’s already developed thought and understanding makes the writer automatically adopts one particular style. It’s a challenging question for the writer what style to embrace and reflect in his writing.

Writing is a form of art. It also needs both the style and the substance to signify the art. The simple combination of the style and substance needs the power of passion to redefine the boundary of writing. Hence the bigger question is what is writing without “passion”? The answer is nothing. Passion of a writer on an idea or an issue is the soul of a writing piece.

That passion has to reflect in the discovering of the character to the designing of the setting. Overdose of passion could dilute the essence of the idea. It is important to strike a balance between the obsession on the theme and the style of writing. The idea of the story should not get eclipsed or lost in the canvas of the power of passion. Passion is one very essential component to powerful writing. The passion ignites the mind and compels the writer to present his private thoughts to the public world.

Writer must embrace his passion and share his style with the readers. As a writer you may offend some, and you may be proven wrong by some other, but unless you take that risk you will never make an indelible impression. Impression is the essence of expression. To produce great piece of writing, the writer must recognize that these doubts are typically byproducts of any new creation i.e. innovation.

The only writing that really matters is writing that challenges popular opinion and writing that changes minds. If you aren’t pushing limits, questioning the convention then you aren’t going far enough.

One should remember to create new grounds sometime we need to break the rules to make new ground rules.