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Only when you are lost can love find itself in you without losing its way…

Helene Cixous


Lost Symbol of Love

Last Lost Symbol of Love

“Lost in Love”… the commonly used phrase sounds quite implicit. Frankly speaking it is not unequivocal. It’s the mystical coin with two contradictory faces. It’s gamble. You never know whether in your basket it will be the cheerful head or the hanging tail. Something natural, something inescapable, something tempting, something cryptic is the four-letter word ‘Love’. But the other four-letter word ‘Lost’ has been historically complementary with it. At the outset, the optimist would interpret as somebody who has madly and badly fallen in love and hence lost in its own world. But for a pessimist it would appear as somebody with a broken and bruised heart.

Though hard facts and empirical data are not available to justify who stands an edge over the other. But observation clearly conveys the equal probability for both. Consequences for both are paradoxical. In one case you cherish the sweet dream whereas the other case it’s a nightmarish experience. It is a delicate issue with a thin line of difference between the two sensitive zones. It’s like being a freak or being frank. The thought of sweet dream drives you relinquish everything to venture into that mysterious world. It’s out of the world experience and those experienced would unanimously agree to the hypothesis. Anxious excitement flutters though your body, imparting a sensational soothing feeling. Study to sleep everything goes for a ride, it’s only you and your beloved in an over drive. Fantasies get fructified and imaginations get implemented. Excitement all around and you are cut off from the physical world and have landed in a world of emotional magic.

Love & Lost

But no good thing last forever. Spring jumps out and everything suddenly fall apart. She has decided to break with you. Myriad reasons can contribute such a cruel decision. Right from parent’s objection to better options to catching up with career to ego clashes to esteem infliction anything can create the cleavage. Gloomy atmosphere engulfs you and its dooms time for you. Heartbreaks just like carelessly dropping a glass antique piece where you become a helpless onlooker to the shattering of pieces. Medically it’s comparable to the nervous breakdown, where you are just a living dead body.  How can life and death be together? It’s just like being physically present at one place and mentally at some other place. Recuperating and resurrecting from such a go kaput is like asking a child to climb a mountain. Or like separating a drug addict from his drug and confining him in a claustrophobic cubicle.

Perhaps the medical science has gone leaps and bound in discovering and inventing tools and techniques in healing a clinically dysfunctional heart but has yet to design a solution for the emotionally depressed heart.  Spiritual practices of medication and meditation have come as panacea for countering the mental turmoil and turbulence. We hope in near future emotional practices can help patients to recover from ‘Lost in Love’ syndrome.

Lost Love

Ideally speaking, the emotional practices group should have a search team. It should immediately be put on service, otherwise the patient is lost. How do you treat unless you find them? It’s not the physical world where scuba drivers with oxygen cylinder to delve deep into the sea or have fire fighters with fire proof jackets to jump into the flame and fish out the survivor. So with everybody falling in love we have an exciting future for the aspirates of the evolving field of emotional healing. It’s always to fight and loose even in love. Pessimistic will persist in the ‘Lost in Love’ whereas an optimist would reinterpret and rephrase it as ‘Last in Love’.