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A book is the only place in which you can examine a fragile thought without breaking it, or explore an explosive idea without fear it will go off in your face. It is one of the few havens remaining where a man’s mind can get both provocation and privacy. 

– Edward P. Morgan

Tree House

Tree House

 Excerpts from Stories:

  • Life on Move – A little slim black boy with curly hair nestled on his head like a plate of noodles gave a glimpse of Pele’s childhood resemblance. His bother screaming Diku interestingly, it was reverberating, the nicknamed Dico by Pele’s family; he was called Pele by his soccer friends.
  • Questions without Answers – Murmuring in her silence, inadvertently permeating solace of the strata when her indulgence implodes…  “chaand ke paas jo sitaaraa hain, wo sitaaraa haseen lagataa hain jab se tum ho meree nigaahon mein”, for her in her nigaahon, was the fascination for the career of being an able administrator.
  • Post It – ‘‘Assume and presume both mean to take something for granted as true. The difference is in the degree of certainty’’, Simran clarified. ‘‘I teach English in the Missionary School next to my house on weekends…I always wanted to be an English Teacher’’.  I was impressed with both her passion and conviction. She continued…,’’a presumption is usually more authoritative than an assumption.
  • Agony of Life – Pressures from family corner and friend circles to carry on the legacy, I was clear I couldn’t stand at the sight of blood. Internally, I was feeling asphyxiated and knew that my chemistry will not be compatible with the biology of the profession.

Makeup & Breakup

  • Makeup & Breakup – The quintessential debate between the NDA vs. UPA, who is better than the other, what factors are influencing their value system & why failure of UPA brings joy to NDA – but they are not the political outfit of country!
  • Understand Us – Mingled with children of her age, skipping, hopping, jumping…she was cherishing the ostensible sovereignty. “Freedom is happiness.” Cherishing the open air is freedom. Uncluttered mind of a young age is not a prison of the society’s farcical rules.
  • Entrepreneurship“Everything cannot be predicted”. One has got to infuriate an oyster before it makes pearl. Why start-up at all? Life is too short to do all that you want to do, so why spend half of it doing what you don’t want to do…
  • Sparkling Teeth – When the heart pines for a masala dosa, the mind automatically navigates the body towards the ‘Udupi’…the restaurant that unanimously crops up. Within seconds of our settling down, a scrawny but hyperactive fellow wiped our table, installed glasses of semi-cold water, and instantly began reeling out the menu… all in one go.
  • Sunday Newspaper – Sunday repeats, but articles in newspaper rotate with fascinating new insights and enhanced intuitive power. Editor has more pressure than the power apparently disclosed to the readers; since he is in pressure reader’s have a pleasure of reading.
  • The Lost Glory – It was “The Week”, “The Outlook” and “The India Today”. The more I skimmed these magazines creativity was taking shape in my mind. I was having a “Weekly Outlook of India Today”, every time I scanned this trio. I was strained to assume that these magazines had a syndicate to give a collective outlook to their common audience of ‘The India Today’ every week.