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Red & White

Who is a part of whom?

This question puzzles us and baffles us, the more we start contemplating and deliberating on it. It is generally said that wife is the ‘better half’ of husband. Is there any logic or a tradition or any hypothesis?

One way of looking at it is that as woman joins the man after marriage in the middle of his age and remains with him for the second half of his life. Maybe as she takes up the entire internal household activities leaving him free for the external professional activities. Yes, it could be scientifically established that the combination of her X-chromosome with his Y-chromosome decides the gender of child. This fifty percentage contribution makes her one half of the husband, but the question remains what is this ‘better’ that qualifies the ‘half’. Perhaps it is literally difficult to establish but figuratively the husband is definitely a part of wife.

Let’s first dwell on the aspect of man’s freedom.

French philosopher Rousseau said, “Man is born free, but he is in chains everywhere.”

The connotation of this statement can have multifaceted manifestation and interpretation. Is it that man doesn’t have to carry the child for nine months that he is free? Or in some countries he is not subjected to discrimination that he is free. Or that he can move around freely without the fear of being assaulted by a woman. Or it is that he is who has been predominately deciding the final selection of his partner. Man chained everywhere maybe as a husband to a wife, a father to a child, a bother to a sister but so is the case with a woman.

We always refer as common man, not as common woman.  They are not common, yes they are special. Actually in premarital status the man dominates the woman. But the arrangement undergoes perceived change after the engagement and perceptible change after the marriage. As a fiancé he may keep her photo in the wallet but after the marriage she gets into the wallet. Man’s decisions are valued in the premarital status but post-marital man’s decisions are vaporized. Discussion to decisions, walking to talking she has her say. In fact she ceases to remain as man’s better half. Its gets distorted with her verbal attack and visual assault, man starts spelling it differently as the bitter half.

Let’s again get back to the dialogue.

As the question remains who is the part of the other?

Take the case of King Solomon who had 100 wives. He was considered to be the wisest man on earth. Evidently one can argue, as wife gives a piece of mind everyday and with 100 wives King Solomon had to be the wisest. So, certain portion of his intelligence is by design but the balance is by default. The mother spends 25 years to make a man out of a boy. But a woman makes a fool out a man in 25 minutes by hooking him and then cooks him for next 25 years. Definitely, women have an edge over men’s wisdom. It is precisely the reason why women share a portion with the men, an attempt to make him a bit wiser. Interpreting it little differently and giving the benefits of doubts to them their efforts are to bring the man on equal footing.

Ah ha! That sounds quite intriguing and quietly interesting.

Having logically and literally proven that man is a part of woman. It’s time to look from the figurative aspect. The essence of marital bliss is that to accept pretty early that she is smarter than you.

How? One shouldn’t question.

She has a figure to substantiate her statement.

Now coming to the essence of our deliberations some startling facts can put the debate to rest.

Man is a part of Woman.

Male is a part of Female.

He is a part of She.

Lad is a part of Lady.

Icing the cape is Adam is a part of Madam.

Perhaps now we can bury the question to rest with these factual statements; notwithstanding the fact that there is a ‘WOW’ factor in the man-woman relationship – the wow-man.