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Marriage is a book of which the first chapter is written in poetry and the remaining chapters in prose.

– Beverley Nichols


Old vs. New – Generational Shift

We have been fortunate to be in the crossroad between the old generation and the new generation. And this transition has happened in the last twenty years. In fact we have seen more changes in the last two decades then we have seen in the last two centuries. The changes are drastic and dramatic, especially in our thinking, living and working.

Technology Trend: Evolution to Revolution

The evolution of three technologies and their trend has revolutionized the thinking of today’s generation. The internet technology, the mobile technology and the social networking have had the maximum impact on our living, thinking and working. It is almost impossible to think of a life without these three technologies. Life is no more in our control; it is governed and driven by these technology forces. If we don’t have an e-mail account we get categorized as digital illiterate. If we don’t respond to a missed call, people take it as an offence. If we are absent in the social media you get characterized.

New Generation: Digital Natives

Our society is confronting spectrum of pressing problems ranging from gender discrimination to indiscriminate development to urban slums to rape, capital punishment to terrorism to health issues and need of better education. Today’s generation is the custodian of the society to be handed over to the next generation.  They have to play an active and engaging role in making the society a better place. This can happen once they take charge of the problem. They have the maturity and the capability to address and resolve these issues for a better tomorrow.

 Personal vs. Professional – The Conflict

There has been a constant tussle between the personal and professional ambitions.  But today it has become predominate and more demanding. Aspirations are on high and stiff competition is fuelling these aspirations to newer heights. Career is the priority. Family is the causality.   The underlying danger is clear and present. The questions that are haunting us all; what is purpose of life, why are we helpless and is there a hope. The answers are not easy and not forthcoming.  How do we address these conflicts?

Mode of Communication: Story Telling

Stories have been for generation as an effective mode of communication and connection with every generation. Preaching as a mode of communication sometimes fails badly to connect. Stories are always an engaging mode of communication. The stories in the book have been themed around the contemporary social issues. The genre ranges from suspense, humour to mystery.

Title as Metaphor: The Institutions

The fabric our society is under threat. The institutions are under huge pressure to meet up to the expectations of this generation.  For instance the institution of “Marriage” which has been sacred and stable, is today not able to accommodate the aspirations of this new generation.  Unless we make up with the problems, the institution may break up is a matter of grave concern.  The title is a metaphor for the reconciliation between the institution’s boundary & rules and the people’s aspirations & values.