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The stories in the book “Makeup & Breakup” are just not stories but a diorama of contemporary life. The characters, people and protagonists are all modern and coetaneous as if with a vengeance.

The author touches on subtly the problems gripping our societies, the preference given to the male children to the female, the poverty stricken class going in hunt of food, rag-picking children hazarding their lives digging even the radioactive garbage dumped outside a plastic factory; differently able children to the man-woman relationship caught up in a matter-of-fact life, from the high brow to the lowly ones… Nihar’s art seems boundless.

makeup & breakup

His stories remind the readers of Franz Kafka, Graham Greene, O Henry, Tagore and Premchand amongst others. In the ‘Mystery Continues…’ Nihar is typically Kafkasque in the treatment of the visible pain and anguish of the sufferer.

In ‘Storm before the Romance’ the reader experiences elements of horror and fright as that in some famous Tagore’s stories.

The cure of a terminally ill patient with an assurance from the doctor in his story ‘A Hope’ brings that much needed relief, and then humour in its crudest form in other stories almost hurts.

An array of colours, themes and ideas meld into cleverly handled narratives that surprise the readers with its variety if not with its rarity. The typical twist at the tail technique keeps the readers glued to the stories and always looking for ‘what next’.

He tells his stories skilfully, ends them carefully still leaving much to the imagination of the readers.

Note: Dr. Bina Biswas, Author & Critique