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Stories are the creative conversion of life itself into a more powerful, clearer, more meaningful experience. They are the currency of human contact.Robert McKee

Story in the Picture

Passion in the Picture

Every picture and every experience tells a story. The experience of capturing this beautiful pose of the lovely kid was a story for me…

Story telling is the best form of communication to establish a connection with any generation and it has been the practice for generations, even for the digital natives of today’s generationreading a good story is a defining moment. It triggers the imagination, stimulates the expression for creating an inspiration for a lasting impression.

We all yearn for a good story. We are also going through challenging times with changing social order resulting in issues from lifestyle disease to instant gratification to religious obsession to technology explosion.

The irony of today’s life is that we have to sit down and discover where we stand…though it is a dichotomy but it’s a reality to observe the patterns of the society to fleeting romance to state of helplessness to move on with life to life without purpose to dabbling with employability & entrepreneurship to self-reflection in the mirror.

Our collective wisdom is to make up for the betterment of society otherwise fabric of society will break up; the objective of the book is to subtly bring the serious issues of our current society to the forefront through the powerful tool of telling the tale.

These stories share significant characteristics with a blend of traditionalism with modernism. As per short-story historian Eileen Baldeshwiler who identified two kinds of stories that were prominent in the modernist period.

The first kind of stories, which Baldeshwiler calls “epical” and which is referred as “traditional”. The second kind of story, which Baldeshwiler calls “lyrical” and which is attributed as “modernist”.

The stories in the book “makeup & breakup” are an earnest attempt of depicting and painting the nuances and nuggets of today’s life in a contemporary fashion with an underlying understatement of traditional flavours. The composition of stories are articulated to be sleek and simple – quick to read and easy to understand.

The assortment of stories are designed to flow with the moods and follow the mind making each one of the ardent reader intrigued, interested, excited, satisfied and inspired.