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“Fiction is not a dream nor is it guesswork. It is imagining based on facts, and the facts must be accurate or the work of imagining will not stand up.”

Margaret Culkin Banning

Flock & Flight

Flock & Flight

Short stories are a fascinating world. It takes you into a short journey of exploration that is fleetingly engaging and flirtingly expanding. Stories are generally etched out of daily observations and distant imaginations. We all have beautiful tale to tell.

Our real life observations and exploration of our imaginative sphere creates magic when we give a structure in the form of a story. Observations bring facts onto the table and imaginations bring fiction onto the table, this creative cocktail can become a ‘perfect cheers’ if a balance is stuck between the two facets of facts and fiction. Overdose of facts can gravitate the stories into information influx and under dose of fiction can deprive the stories from its inherent fascination.

Though it’s a tough and delicate balance to play between the overlapping sphere of facts and fiction, but at the same time it’s a very exciting space to play. If played with prudence can be a very powerful composition to connect and communicate with any generation.

Today’s social issues raging from gender discrimination to indiscriminate development to sexual abuse to spread of urban slum is confronting us are clear present danger. The fabric of our society is today more fragile and getting fragmented under the constant hammer of these pressing problems.

Who should take the responsibility?

The answer is ‘WE’.

How do we address these issues?

The answer is best use of INNOVATION & EMPOWERMENT.

We don’t like bland food, so we add sugar and spice to make it palatable. Stories without the tinge of mystery, suspense, surprises and humour & romance will draw blank with us as reader.  Story telling is a wonderful space for experimenting and exploring the world of creativity. It is one of the best modes to touch our heart and reach our mind.

What is the fun of reading a story if there is no take away? If the take away are presented in a pure factual manner it takes the form of an essay and becomes more of a preaching and teaching. If it is presented in a pure fictionalized fashion it may miss the right seriousness and become more of enjoyment and exploration.

The book “Makeup & Breakup” is sincere and serious attempt in this space to present a perfect fusion of facts and fiction. Facts being truth are bitter, like any bitter pill, we need a sugar coat to swallow it, facts subtly coated with fiction becomes easy to read and digest.

Friends, it has been a real wonderful journey of sharing and learning with all of you. I sincerely hope that my adventurous endeavour in venturing into this grey zone of fact and fiction has been able to strike the right balance.

I keenly look forward to your versatile views and critical analysis on this the topic of stories based on the fusion of facts and fiction.  

Note: Book Launch at Kolkatta Book Fair – 5th Feb’14