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“Does the walker choose the path or the path the walker?”
 Garth Nix, Sabriel


Path Forward

Destiny is determined by our action & determining our destiny is in our thought…


There is point in everybody’s life where we ask the quintessential question of whether it is possible to determine our future or everything that happens is destined. The moment we reconcile to the theory; that it is destined, we loose the fuel to power our future. We become prison to the philosophical realm of fate. It is far from the reality of our daily thought and action playing a role in deciding our future.

The real difference is that while destiny devoid us from influencing the future, determinism rather does the opposite – in fact, it enables us to shape the future. We also belief that past events determine our actions, and action decide our future. As per the theory of destiny is there is a divine goal and everything else is under its control and our freedom is an illusion.

It is all about control and perseverance. When things go out of control and we lack the perseverance to face and fight out, we search for reasons to assuage our ego or comfort our emotion. And it’s not an easy task from any stretch of imagination to strike a balance on the deadline combination of ego and emotion. Building the power to control the ego and release the emotion in a balanced form can empower us to determine our future. Is the collective ego and emotion governs the destiny of mankind

The bigger question then is what the destiny of mankind is. Is it an isolated phenomena or it is intrinsically linked to the cosmos? Cosmology is the study on the origin of universe and mankind destiny is determined by the universe. Where did the universe come from and where is destined for? Since we are integral part of that large cosmos, so is how destiny depends on the fate of the universe.

The way things turn up is the way the things are suppose to be, so we relinquish to the theory of destiny. The way things are happening because that is the way we are thinking and also acting.  Is it then a perspective or our mindset? The former hypothesis can be attributed to perspective and the later one to the mindset. The debate on “Destiny vs. Determinism” is a complex conundrum and simple proposition can only simplify our understanding. It has been life’s quest to quench this query. The thirst remains…

It is our ‘Choice’ not the ‘Chance’ which determines our destiny. We can make or break our destiny purely on our determinism.