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Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.

― Oprah Winfrey


Passion Personified

Passion is force of life…

Life is short and we have only one life to live our passion. We cannot afford to play it safe, as not taking risk is the biggest risk in life. We all love our life but what is love without passion. Passion is the bedrock of creation.

Each one of us loves to fall in love with our passion. That’s human nature and nurturing the passion is a real challenging journey till it reaches to its logical destination. We take on the challenge knowing well that it is agonizing process though on reaching the destination, it’s a wonderful feeling and cannot be captured in words. We risk everything to meet our passion.

But life never follows a predefined pattern. It is dotted and dusted with unpredictability and uncertainty. Circumstances are not static, cannot be confined and our tenacity to stand the circumstantial challenges determines our destination. Destiny plays a role but not the exclusive determinate of our destination.

To chart a destination as per our passion is the mission. We do everything possible and discover that things are not happening in line with our expectation. We resist and challenge the course, but it persists. Here comes the real challenge of persistence. The action to persist till we overcome depends on our physical ability and mental attitude. It’s a lethal combination of having the ability and attitude at your disposal. But that will not always define the success. We are bound to fail.

Failure is the stepping stone which we step aside when we exhaust our mental strength and physical stamina. We need the power of focus to pursue our passion. We get easily defocused as it is easy to do it. The word “FOCUS” is intrinsically powerful as it bounded by the letter ‘F’ & ‘S’. It starts with ‘Failure’ and ends with ‘Success’. We require concentration and meditation to gain our focus, and it becomes focal to the path of pursuing our passion.

We break the standard path to pursue our passion not just to make a living out of it but break away from the monotony of life to make a life out of it.