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Short Stories are like “Photography” whereas Novels are like “Painting”. Nihar Pradhan


Photography or Painting

Long is a passé…

The world has moved into a fast paced lane where everything has to be on a fly, we want things now. It is rightly so, in the new world order. Writing pen-paper letter has become a history and instant connection through mobile chatting is today’s order.

Even e-mail is considered a lag in communication. With the retention span rapidly becoming a causality of new world with attention on the immediate and instant. Instant gratification is governing our thinking and living.

Reading large volume of novels is becoming a real challenge for the new generation not to undermine the value one derives in diving into the volume. But time constraints and the option to explore multiplicity of opportunities is playing the deterrent in accomplishing the mission of reading expanded fictions.

It is here that the shorter version of the fiction can play the magic. The short stories can create that excitement and the satisfaction in reading a book without the time constraints and compromised opportunities.

Lying on your garden chair and consuming a good book to recharge yourself almost everyday is a wonderful feeling. It used to be earlier with the novels. Today discovering the time in the medley of overloaded engagement becomes a serious challenge. But it is these beautiful short stories that can play the magic of bringing back those lost feelings into our fold. Yes, seating on our folding armchairs in our courtyard we can still cherish the feeling of reading.

Time has come for bringing back the lost glory of the art of short stories.

Short is the order…