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You don’t take a photograph, you make it Ansel Adams

Photography needs an eye and an edge to produce creativity wonders through the skillfully combination of “Power” and “Passion”. Here power depicts control and passion derives patience. By combining these contradictory 2P’s with permutation of the below 5P’s it breaks the rule to makes creative photograph a reality.



The concept is basically that things in the foreground are larger than things in the background. Here you can depict the holding of an object or subject in your figure at the background and you standing in the foreground.


It is about working with angles, lines, rows, columns and around the geometrical shapes and sizes in any structure. The stairwells of buildings provide the space for generating beautiful patterns.



The aerial view provides the space to bring creativity into the otherwise same standard photo shot. A view of a crowed street from the rooftop to the distance habitats from the hill station adds to the creative juice.


As painting are creative by itself. Juxtaposition painting with reality and capturing the combination can be creative. Photography of painting can add a new dimension through the lens bring using light & shade and black & white.



It is about playing with surrounding light and shutter speed. Also by tossing the camera into the air and capturing the shot. It is risky but what is excitement without controlled risk in capturing your imagination.