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There is no unique picture of reality – Stephen Hawking


Picture Perfect

One can depict an event or an incident through the modes of picturization or through the means of the articulation. By seeing a picture one could use one’s visual faculty to interpret the way he/she wants it to be, but in case of article one need’s to employ one’s intellect faculty to fathom the intensity.

Pictures capture the reality as it is, and shall have finer differences based on the technology used and competency of the person. On the other hand, the articulation of an incident shall have a spectrum of differences based on the perspective of the person.

It is challenging to present the degree of the intensity of the incident through words whereas pictures represent the depth of the intensity. Hence, goes the old Chinese proverbPicture is worth a thousand words”. The words have the inherent limitation and are dependent on the art of aptly using by the individual. The picture has the magic of capturing the moment and preserving that piece of reality alive.

A photographer or a painter employs pictures to convey their message, for instance picturing a peacock dance in the backdrop of a rainbow sky is aesthetic. For a photographer, the timing is the essence and the difference, whereas for a painter it is about the space and the pace of interpretation of that scene.

As regard to a writer or a singer it is about playing with the words, writer exercises the mind whereas the singer exercises the voice. The degree of articulation and the depth of modulation are the differentiators.

It is the imagination that plays a very significant role in developing a picture or deploying a word. Though it is the ‘presence of mind’ and ‘perspective of mood’ determines the quality of the output. Once the article or the image is ready, it depends on the interpretation of the reader or the viewer.

But an intelligent combination of both the pictures and the words breaks the challenge of perfect presentation and makes a proper representation of the event or the incident.