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It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledgeAlbert Einstein


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Creative Expression is a natural human characteristic and has been practised for ages by people all over the world. One needn’t have to undergo any special training or necessary posses’ extraordinary talent to be creative. One just needs to develop the passion on one’s area of interest by providing reasonable time and space to realize and release one’s inner creative and artistic self.

Creativity can be explored through multiple ways, using different form of artistic disciplines like music, dance, drama, photography, sculpture, painting, performing arts to visual arts to creative writing.

Creative Writing goes beyond the boundaries regular professional, journalistic, academic to technical form of literature. It is technically called as an original form of composition.

Expression is the essence of mankind.

Language is an essential mode of expression but not a sufficient mode to establish the complete and comprehensive expression of one’s thought; feelings and emotions. It is here that Creative Writing encounters a challenge to capture the expression with words.

Performing Arts – are art forms in which artists use their body or voice to convey artistic expression. These are as opposed to visual arts, in which artists use paint, canvas or other materials to create physical art objects.

Visual Arts – are art forms that create works primarily visual in form such as drawing, painting, and sculpture to photography.

Physical Arts – This include different types of dances from formal to free form which creatively engages the body structure for communication. As contrasted with conceptual art, refers to art that concretely exists in physical reality, in space and time. Its ontological status is that it is a physical object. The art is concretely realized but may be abstract in nature.

These disciplines holistically engage the mental, physical and emotional aspects of the artist. It has no bar on age, anybody and at any time can pick up the discipline of his/her choice and get connected to one’s inner soul.

Creative expression is powerful process of exploration of things beyond the boundary of normal understanding and paves ways towards better self-discovery. Creative Expression always enables towards inexplicable sense of freedom, breaking from the outside world and making an engagement with the inner self.