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Magic Realism

Picture Perfect

Painting symbolizes civilization better than captured by Photography…

In 1839, Paul Delaroche announced in Paris during the invention of photography that from today “painting” is dead. 175 years of painting since that time have proved Delaroche wrong. However that announcement did change the way painters approached their art.

Painter’s moved away from realism and evolved new ways of looking at the world – Impressionism to Surrealism. In modernism the subject was dropped completely, and painting became all about the ideology of the aesthetic and the autonomy of the painted surface.

What about photography?

Photography is truth – it shows us what was really there at a specific time. Photography became the predominate purveyor of truth.

What about painting?

Painting remained a mode of expression of our humanity. There is something of the artist in it as well as the subject. Paintings can tell us more about our nature as human beings than the literal visual world shown in photographs.

A photograph can be taken in an instant and a painting can take years to finish. Why paint something for long when you can just take a picture now? Precisely, because different types of art give a different type of look and feel, perhaps the concept and emotion gets better represented and presented in one genre than another. The same image as an oil paint or a watercolor or a photograph shall look very different.

It is easy for people to capture an image using a camera than depicting it by creating a painting. As photographs has the potential to widely reflect the opinions of society than painting. Photographers could state that photography is better at representing mankind as a whole. But Painter’s would argue that as long as there are people in the world who want to see things not as they are but as they wish them to be or as others see them; painting will thrive.

Photography or paintings are not necessarily about ‘representation’ but mainly they are about ‘interpretation’. They are different modes of expression of the artist’s impression of the world.

Photography can make a representation but a Painting can break an interpretation.