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 Photographer’s Eye

Photography is a moment & a memory captured permanently though is a deferment in time, and once that moment is over the memory remains in the captured image.

Photograph is an image, which is a representation of reality in a way though not exactly reality per se.

As there is a breakup in the language to describe what we see, how we feel and how we interpret, so we use visual language to makeup the gap. Here comes the finer disconnect in most images: though the images are a representation of reality and is an interpretation of a photographer’s particular perspective.

The ability to communicate that perspective in an instantly visual fashion is challenging and gets marred in the translation.


Philosopher’s Mind

Philosophy is that thing with or without which everything remains the same. It is everywhere, whether we realizes it or not.

In every sphere of our life, the way we live with our family & the manner we interact with our friends because of the rules of the society or because of the social responsibility. But once it breaks the structure we start questioning the consequence to discover the perfect answer, though there is no right and wrong answer. Here is where the philosopher asks unusual questions on some of the most usual things for obtaining answers for which society has been a perennial seeker.

It is useful to society because it allows us to understand how the world inside and outside us is organized, and what should be our behavior. Also it has the potential to produces ideas that can transform our society.

Philosophy can analyse problems apart from their historical origins by factors such as culture and language, thus researching those factors and providing possible solutions to the problems being analyzed.

Common & Contrast Factors:

As the quality of the image gets determined based on the skill the photographer, similarly the quality of answer to philosophical question is based on the knowledge of the philosopher.

Photography is art and art is subjective in nature. And there are no absolute rights and wrongs in art form. Here is the equivalent with philosophy which isn’t science primarily because there’s no real right or wrong answer to any philosophical question. Both have a perspective and are interpretative.

In essence Philosopher’s mind attempts towards explanation of something apparently inexplicable and Photography’s eye is an attempt towards interpretive record of something momentarily visible.