Art, Science & Commerce – Convergence Conundrum


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Art and Science, Artist and Scientist

There are more similarities between art and science than the differences that generally meet the eye. There are surprisingly more dissimilarities between art and commerce than that connects our mind. Within these playground of similarities and dissimilarities interestingly there is a common ground for meeting and the meeting ground is the ground of creation.

Commerce comes to play its role when there is a creation, nothing can be produced or traded unless it is there in some form and shape, and thereafter it is the art to literature to science play their respective part in conceptualization to commercialization of any such creation.

It is a myth that artists only contribute to the aesthetic values of the society and it is only the scientists that contribute to the materialistic aspects of the society. There is an ethereal connection between these two species of humanity who have a different outlook on the world. They see connection in the disconnected dots. They see geometrical patterns in the chaos and complexity. 

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The very IDEA of BLOGGING is to make a difference…


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Blog, Blogging, Science of Blog, Art of Blogging, Blogging Process, Creative Blogging, Blogging Journey

Next year the very idea of blogging which started in 1997, will be completing two decades…a milestone, it is an important occasion, indeed it is time to pause and reflect back.

Two decades is a long time in the journey of anybody’s life. And in the life of blogging it is big time, any such product in the web world where life span have drastically reduced and now literally counting in months, two decades definitely a long time.

Not to forget what happened a decade back, it was 2004 when blogs became popular, a turning point and today after a decade after the turning point has become a line of transformation in the lives of million associated with the journey of blogging.




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Blogging is more an ART and less a SCIENCE…


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Blogging, Art & Science, Blogging as Art, Blogging as Science, Creativity, Content is King

Blogosphere is a heady cocktail of multiple advice on how to be a “successful blogger” and how to “make money” through blogging.

“These are catch phrase.”

“They are catching our attention.”

I was intrigued by the noise not by the music in this sphere. I did a serious exploration of this space to understand the science behind the formulas being proposed by many pro-bloggers. The space of blogging is now predominantly subjugated by the technology and the tools not by the topics and the techniques

I agree technology is the backbone of blogging and by playing with technology we can make our blog stand out and fly high. No denying the fact, technology has a significant role to play but we cannot rely only on technology relegating everything else to mere mechanics of management. The content and the creativity really matters.




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How to become a Meaningful WRITER?


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Meaningful Writer, Writing, Creative Writing

I keep aspiring to be a more productive in my writing and in the process be a more meaningful writer. This aspiration of mine, keeps me in a constant state of searching and researching. It keeps me busy thinking, thinking critically and it keeps me fairly engaged in spotting what all topics I should be writing and how I should be improvising my writing.

“Writing style.”

“Writing structure.”

The more I think, the more I put my mind to real task of hard thinking, there is a derived stress and there is an equal amount of pressure of demand to produce creative stuff within a given timeline and with perfection.

“Writing is never easy.”

Ask a writer and the answer would be unanimous.

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7 Ways of Becoming a Meaningful Writer…

Decipher Blogging Success Code – NEWS


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Blogging Success Formula, Blogging Code, Factors of Success in Blogging, Makeup & Breakup, Nihar Pradhan

I was in a state of being questioned. I was constantly confronting the question, the question of how to ensure success in blogging endeavor.

Is there a formula?

Has any hypothesis been presented?

The questions were widespread and had deeply divided my default frame of intrigued mind. Having been though multiple roles in business , profession and having seen both the test of failures and having tasted success, I had fairly developed a good learning curve for myself.

By nature I’m a tad little more curious and anything that is slightly intriguing challenges me and makes me excited to explore that uncovered corner and solve the ostensibly fastened conundrum.

I did an extensive research.

Is there a science behind the art of blogging?

Can we apply a formula ?

Can success be fairly assured?

Is there a code that can connect with blogging?

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“NEWS” is the Secret Code of Blogging Success


Art, Artist and My Journey…


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Art and Artist, My Journey as Artist, Writer, Creativity, Writer and Painter, Makeup & Breakup

As child I always wanted to be famous. I didn’t know the difference between famous personality who is an artist and a sports personality who is not an artist. I was trapped in the technical definition.  I always wanted to see myself on the stage. The stage where these famous artists keep performing, I was at awe with the performing arts.

I was fascinated by the music.

I was fascinated by the colors.

I was fascinated by hearing the voice of an orator.

I tried my hands in everything and I couldn’t figure out my place in those spaces…I was constantly finding myself misplaced on those places.


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Enter the Socially Responsible Design’s Challenge to win $100,000 PRIZE


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Fuller Challenge, Makeup and Breakup, Making a Difference

I have always been fascinated by design, science, nature and system, when I came across this CHALLENGE based on comprehensive systems approach that can lead to wide-scale social and environmental impact, I couldn’t resist myself in taking the step forward and forwarding the IDEA.

I felt this initiative is truly…

“Breaking the Barriers & Making a Difference”

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Our Education System needs a New Lens…


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Education, Schools in India, K-12 Schools, Teaching and Learning, Learning in Digital Age, Makeup and Breakup

When I studied in school, I lived in one world and I had no options and had minimum distractions. Things have changed over the last couple of decades and have changed dramatically, we now live in two different worlds and the real world has become secondary to the virtual world…kids of today’s world live more in the digital space and have more options then we had, also have the digital distraction…

Education cannot be confined to the four walls of physical classroom and today’s kids don’t need such long years of basic teaching, they are ready and raring to go and venture out in school itself, they need no boring higher education…it is indeed time to contemplate seriously and create a new framework for teaching the generation next.

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Education Technology Entrepreneur

Nihar Pradhan

Moving to a New Domain – Thank You & Warm Welcome


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Thank You all my Dear Friends…


It’s been a lovely journey of over two years at this place. I had such fascinating conversations on so many diverse topics with all my wonderful friends. I don’t have words to express my gratitude to my dear blogger friends. Indeed in the last two years, I have learned more from these beautiful conversations in this virtual platform than I did in the real world over the last two decade.

This is all because of your continuous support and compassionate sharing. It has been my best source of inspiration. It is that time of the year, when we take important decisions to enter into new year. I thought it was time to move on in life and upgrade to a new platform for a much brighter experience and better engagement.

There won’t be any change in the intensity of our discussion and extent of our deliberation, rather it would drive deeper and scale newer heights. I have really missed out on reading so many lovely posts in the last couple of weeks. I will ensure that I read each post and share my thoughts for restarting our dialogue from my new domain.

I will be limiting the usage of the domain ( hereafter.

Yes, keenly looking forward to welcoming you in my new domain name as below and eagerly awaiting all your beautiful comments, feedback and suggestions in the new place.

Warm Welcome!!!



Love & Light

Nihar Pradhan

Makeup & Breakup